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Robert Frederick Durrant,one of crew of 'Caroline Moller' William Durrant& Annie Wooder



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Durrant Genealogy Report

Generation No.1

Thomas Durrant marr.28Jan1765 Gillingham,Elizabeth Bromley b.1744.F.William M.Elizabeth Pickman
Children of Thomas Durrant and Elizabeth Bromley
i.Elizabeth Durrant b.1765 Gillingham D.1766
ii.William Durrant b.1767 Gillingham
iii.Ann Durrant b.1769 Gillingham D.1776
iv.Thomas Durrant b.1771 Gillingham
v.Joseph Durrant b.1774 Gillingham D.1777
vi.Joseph Durrant b.1775 Gillingham D.1845
vii.Rebecca Durrant b.1780 Gillingham

Generation No.2

Joseph Durrant b.1775 (Thomas.1) marr.Jun19 1820 Frindsbury,Charlotte Walker
Children of Joseph Durrant and Charlotte Walker
i.Joseph Durrant b.1821 Gillingham,d.Apr29 1887 Crayford
ii.Thomas Durrant b.1822 Hoo St.Werburg Kent
iii.Mary Ann Durrant b.1825 Hoo St Werburg

Generation No.3

Joseph Durrant b.1821 (Joseph.2,Thomas.1) marr.Feb09 1845 in Bexley Kent, Elizabeth Coleshill b.1826 Grays Essex d.May28 1890 Crayford F.Alexander M.Mary Ann
Children of Joseph Durrant and Elizabeth Coleshill
i.Joseph Durrant b.1845 Crayford
ii.Isabella Durrant b.1846 Crayford,d.1850 Crayford
iii.Elizabeth Ann Durrant b.1848 Crayford,d.Jun1935 Slade Green
iv.William Henry Durrant b.1850 Crayford
v.Charles Durrant b.Apr30 1852 Crayford
vi.Emily Durrant b.Nov19 1856 Hounslow,d.Aug16 1933 Erith
vii.Sarah Durrant b.1857 Crayford
viii.John Thomas Durrant b.Aug08 1861 Crayford,d.Jul30 1935 Erith
ix.Mary Ann Durrant b.1866 Erith
x.Eliza Durrant b.1869 Crayford.marr.1890 Robert Scott b.1868

Generation No.4

Joseph Durrant b.1845 (Joseph.3,Joseph.2,Thomas.1) marr.Maria b.1845 Barking,Essex
Children of Joseph Durrant and Maria
i.Elizabeth J.Durrant b.1864 West Ham
ii.Maria Elizabeth Durrant b.1872 West Ham
iii.Joseph Thomas Durrant b.1874 West Ham
iv.Sarah Ann Durrant b.1876 West Ham
v.George C.Durrant b.1880 West Ham

Elizabeth Ann Durrant b.1848 (Joseph.2,Joseph.1) marr.Oct28 1872 Crayford, John Scudder b.Sep16 1843 Sydenham d.May 1920 Crayford F.John M.Ann Quin (see Scudder Extras)

William Henry Durrant b.1850 (Joseph.3,Joseph.2,Thomas.1) marr.1875, Mary Ann Clarke b.1851 Bexleyheath F.John M.Eliza Dunmill
Children of William Henry Durrant and Mary Ann Clarke
i.Emma Elizabeth Durrant b.1869 Crayford, marr.25Dec1893 Erith, John Thomas Appleton b.1871 Erith
ii.William Durrant b.1871 Northumberland Heath
iii.Charles Durrant b.1874 Northumberland Heath, marr.1895 Annie Loveage
iv.John Durrant b.1876 Northumberland Heath
v.George Durrant b.1878 Northumberland Heath
vi.Joseph Durrant b.1880 Northumberland Heath
vii.Alfred Durrant b.1882 Erith
viii.Robert Durrant b.1884 Northumberland Heath marr.10Nov 1902 Erith, Clara Perfect b.1883
ix.Eliza Isabella Durrant b.1886
x.Henry Durrant b.1887
xi.Albert Durrant b.1890
xii.Sarah Alice Durrant b.1892 d.1893
xiii.Sidney Durrant b.7Mar 1896

Charles Durrant b.1852 (Joseph.3,Joseph.2,Thomas.1) marr.1874 St Georges Sq., Esther Wilders b.19Jan1855 Erith F.William M.Elizabeth Bishop
Children of Charles Durrant and Esther Wilders
i.Emily Durrant b.16Jun1873 Erith, marr 24Dec1893 John Whittington b.1868 d.1948
ii.Charles Durrant b.31May1876 Crayford, d.1919 Northumberland Heath
iii.William Durrant b.3Jul.1877 Crayford, d.26Nov1954 Billericay Essex
iv.John Durrant b.1878
v.Joseph Durrant b.1881 d.Holloway d.1970 marr.5Aug1901 Selina Hollingsworth b.1882 Erith
vi. adopted child Charles F.Clark b.1884 Dartford Union Workhouse

Emily Durrant b.1856 (Joseph.3,Joseph.2,Thomas.1) marr. 23May1874 Crayford, Alfred Wilders b.Jun8 1852 Erith F.William M.Elizabeth Bishop d.Sept01 1928 Northumberland Heath F.William M.Elizabeth Bishop
Children of Emily Durrant and Alfred Wilders (see Wilders Extras)

Sarah Durrant b.1857 (Joseph.3,Joseph.2,Thomas.1) marr.25Dec1873 Crayford,William Bugg b.19Jun1853 Suffolk F.Joseph
Children of Sarah Durrant and William Bugg
i.Sarah Bugg b.1876 Crayford
ii.Elizie Bugg b.1878 Holloway London
iii.Willie Bugg b.1881 Holloway London
iv.Joseph Bugg b.1886 Islington

John Thomas Durrant b.1861 (Joseph.3,Joseph.2,Thomas.1) marr.29May1882 Plumstead, Alice Wilders b.5Sep1863 Erith F.William M. Emma Beadle
Children of John Thomas Durrant and Alice Wilders
i.John William Durrant b.1883 Erith,d.1883 Erith
ii.Emily Alice Durrant b.1884 Erith
iii.Minnie Durrant b.1886 Erith
iv.Walter Frederick Durrant b.21Feb1888 Erith, d.12Aug1952
v.Clara Durrant b.1890 Erith
vi.Florence Elizabeth Durrant b.1892 Erith
vii.John Joseph Durrant b.1894 Erith
viii.Rosina Durrant b. 2Apr1896 Erith
ix.Robert William Durrant b.6Feb1898 Erith
x.Daisy Violet Durrant b.16Jan1900 Erith

Mary Ann Durrant b.1866 (Joseph.3,Joseph.2,Thomas.1) marr.1891 George Arthur Bridge
Child of Mary Ann Durrant
i.George Robert Durrant b.1887

Eliza Durrant b.1869 (Joseph.3,Joseph.2,Thomas.1) marr.4Aug 1890 Erith, Robert Scott b.1869 Selling Kent. F.Robert M.Eliza Johncock
Children of Eliza Durrant and Robert Scott
i.Sarah R.Scott b.1891 Crayford
ii.Hettie S.Scott b.1893 Crayford
iii.Sophie J.Scott b.1895 Wilmington
iv.Robert Scott b.1897 Crayford
v.Eliza Scott b.1900 Crayford

Generation No.5

Joseph Durrent b. 1880 ( William Henry.4,Joseph.3,Joseph.2,Thomas.1)marr.(1) 16Apr1900 Erith,Caroline Louisa Hollinsworth b.1881,D.1914 .F.Charles M.Jane Wright. (2) 1918 Romford District,Florence Maud Wooder b.1888 Stratford, F.George M.Emma Wilders.
Child of Joseph Durrant and Caroline Louisa Hollinsworth
i.Caroline Eliza Durrant b.1901 Erith

Alfred Durrant b.1882 (William Henry.1,Joseph.3,Joseph.2,Thomas.1) marr.1903 Woolwich Emily Vine
Child of Alfred Durrant and Emily Vine
i.Charles Sidney Durrant b.1911

Charles Durrant b.1876 (Charles.4,Joseph.3,Joseph.2,Thomas.1) marr.1896 Ellen Jobson b.1876 Erith
Children of Charles Durrant and Ellen Jobson
i.Charles Durrant b.1898 Erith
ii.Alfred Durrant b.1900 Erith
iii.William James Durrant b.29Mar1901 Erith

William Durrant b.1877 (Charles.4,Joseph.3,Joseph.2.Thomas.1) marr.7Apr1901, Annie Wooder b.26May1880 Stratford D.4May1969 F.George, M.Emma Wilders
Children of William Durrant and Annie Wooder
i.William Henry Charles Durrant b.21Apr1903 Ilford, d.13Jun1975
ii.George Robert Durrant b.23Oct1907 Plaistow
iii.Annie Durrant b.10Mar1916 Erith
iv.Violet Ruby Durrant
v.Maud Durrant
vi.Emily Durrant

Walter Frederick Durrant b.1888 (John Thomas.4,Joseph.3,Joseph.2,Thomas.1) marr.19Oct1907 Frances Elizabeth Gorvin b.22Jan1887 Agra, India d.17Sep Erith.1941 F.James
Children of Walter Frederick Durrant and Frances Elizabeth Gorvin
i.Eva Kathleen Elizabeth Durrant b.3Jul.1908 Erith, d.1981
ii.Walter Frederick John Durrant b.17Feb1910,Erith d.18Mar1993.Erith marr. 26Aug1933 Rose Evelyn Cooper b.1912 d.2001,
iii.Robert Samuel Durrant b.1912 Erith,d.11Jan1941 marr.22Dec1935 Erith Annie Elizabeth Boyce b.1914
iv.Mary Alice Durrant b.2Feb1917 Erith d.11 Jan1921

Robert William Durrant b.1898 (John Thomas.4,Joseph.3,Joseph.2,Thomas.1) marr.???
Child of Robert William Durrant
i.Robert Frederick Durrant b.19 Mar1922, d.1942

George Robert Durrant b.1887 ( Mary Ann.4,Joseph.3,Joseph.2,Thomas.1) marr ???
Children of George Robert Durrant
y.4,Joseph.3,Joseph.2,Thomas.1) marr 19May1934 Erith, Violet Ethel Charlton b.1913
Child of Charles Sidney Durrant and Violet Ethel Charlton
i.Henry Durrant b.1923
ii.James Durrant

Generation No.6

William Henry Charles Durrant b.1903 (William.5,Charles.4,Joseph.3,Joseph.2,Thomas.1)marr.19Apr1930 Romford Ivy Theresa Ball b.1May1910, d.10May1995 F.Joseph M.Mary Clay
Children of William Henry C.Durrant and Ivy Theresa Ball (living)

Eva Kathleen Elizabeth Durrant b.1908 (Walter Frederick.5,John Thomas.4,Joseph.3,Joseph.2,Thomas.1)marr.25Jun1927 Erith Edmund Jeffery b.1903 Belvedere D.1962 F.Alfred M.Florence Davis
Children of Eva Kathleen E.Durrant and Edmund Jeffery
i.Raymond Jeffrey
ii.Peter Jeffrey
iii.Walter Edmund Frank Jeffery b.1927,D.1995 marr.11Oct1945 Elsie Maud Nott b.21Aug1928 Erith D.11Oct1997

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Wilders Genealogy Report

The name Wilders has been spelt in several ways in Census, Baptisms and BMDs eg. Wilder, Wilders and Willders.
To avoid confusion I have used just one spelling throughout.
Generation No.1

John Wilders b.Leigh on Sea d.Nov 1795, marr.Anne
Children of John Wilders and Anne
i.John Wilders b.1764 Leigh on Sea
ii.James Wilders b.1776 Leigh on Sea, d.April 1859 Leigh on Sea
iii.William Wilders b.Leigh on Sea

Generation No.2

John Wilders b.1764 (John.1)marr.Ann
Children of John Wilders and Ann
i.John Wilders d.Feb 1780 Leigh on Sea
ii.Ann Wilders d.May 1780 Leigh on Sea
iii.John Wilders b.Apr15 1784
iv.Jane Wilders
v.Charlotte Wilders

James Wilders b.1776 (John.1) marr.23Dec1801 Sarah Staggs b.1777 Leigh F.Thomas M.Mary Warner
Children of James Wilders and Sarah Staggs
i.James Staggs Wilders b.1801 Leigh on Sea, d.Oct 1814 Leigh on Sea
ii.John Dee Wilders b.1804 Leigh on Sea d.1875 Leigh on Sea
iii.Ann Wilders b.1807 Leigh on Sea
iv.Sarah Wilders b.1809 Leigh on Sea

William Wilders (John.1) marr.13Feb1792 Sarah Turner b.1776 Leigh,d.19Nov1849 F.Bryan M.Mary
Children of William Wilders and Sarah Turner
i.John Wilders b.1791 Leigh on Sea, d.1854 Leigh on Sea
ii.William Bryan Wilders b.1794 Leigh on Sea
iii.William Robert Wilders b.1795 Leigh on Sea, d.1810 Leigh
iv.James Abraham Wilders b.1798 Leigh on Sea
v.Sarah Wilders b.1800 Leigh on Sea, d.1802 Leigh
vi.Abraham Wilders b.1802 Leigh on Sea
vii.Charlotte Wilders b.1804 Leigh on Sea, d.1804 Leigh
viii.Mary Wilders b.1806 Leigh on Sea
ix.Isaac Vincent Wilders b.1809 Leigh on Sea, d.1809 Leigh
x.Judith Wilders b.1811 Leigh on Sea
xi.Sarah Ann Elizabeth Wilders b.1815 Leigh on Sea

Generation No.3

John Wilders b.1784 (John.2,John.1)marr.23May1803 Southend, Sarah Jeffries b.1770 Epping D.1857, F.John M.Elizabeth Styles
Children of John Wilders and Sarah Jeffries
i.John Wilders b.1803 Prittlewell
ii.Sarah Ann Wilders b.1805
iii.William Frederick Wilders b.1806 Priitlewell d.1884
iv.James Wilders b.1808 Southend Essex d.1883
v.George Wilders b.1814 Shoeburyness Essex, d.1886
vi.William Wilders b.1816 Shoeburyness Essex, d.Aug28 1884
vii.Joseph William Wilders b.1819 Southend
viii.Henry Wilders b.1822 Shoeburyness
ix.Robert Wilders b.1824 Shoeburyness

John Dee Wilders b.1804 (James.2,John.1) marr.22May1828 Leigh, Louisa Cross b.1807 d.1865 F.John M.Mary Gutree
Children of John Dee Wilders and Louisa Cross
i.James Ellis Wilders b.1828 Leigh on Sea,marr.Elizabeth b.1827 Leigh,d.1875 Leigh
ii.Thomas Wilders b.1831 Leigh on Sea
iii.John Wilders b.1832 Leigh on Sea
iv.Louisa Wilders b.1835 Leigh on Sea, d.1843 Leigh
v.Sarah Annie Wilders b.1838 Leigh on Sea, marr.19Oct1864 William Cotgrove b.1840 Leigh d.1917
vi.Jane Wilders b.1840 Leigh on Sea
vii.William Elijah Wilders b.1843 Leigh on Sea
viii.Louisa Eliza Wilders b.1846 Leigh on Sea

Ann Wilders b.1807 (James.2,John.1) marr.(1) 24Oct1826 Stepney, William Johnson b.1792 d.2Nov1840 F.Samuel M.Hannah Studd. (2) John Thomas Abraham Wilders b.1827 Leigh d.1865 F.John M.Mary Ann Cotgrove
Children of Ann Wilders and William Johnson
i.William Thomas Mark Johnson b.1827
ii.Thomas Mark Johnson b.1829, d.1892
iii.Charlotte Johnson b.1831
iv.Henry Hussey Johnson b.1832
v.James Johnson b.1834
vi.George Johnson b.1836
vii.Sarah Ann Johnson b.1839
viii.Robert Johnson b.1839, d.1926

John Wilders b.1791 (William.2,John.1)marr.29 Mar1816 Leigh,Mary Ann Cotgrove b.1793 Leigh d.1865 F.Thomas M.Elizabeth Osborne
Children of John Wilders and Mary Ann Cotgrove
i.William Wilders b.1820 Leigh on Sea, d.1823 Leigh on Sea
ii.John Thomas Abraham Wilders b.1827 Leigh on Sea,d.1865 marr.Ann Wilders b.1807 Leigh
iii.Elizabeth Wilders b.1829 Leigh on Sea

James Abraham Wilders b.1798 (William.2,John.1) marr.17 Jan1826 Leigh, Mary Ann Gisby b.1807 F.Edward M.Hannah Smith
Children of James Abraham Wilders and Mary Ann Gisby
i.James Wilders b.1826 Leigh on Sea,d.1827
ii.William James Wilders b.1829 Leigh on Sea,d.1831
iii.Nathan Wilders b.1831 Leigh on Sea,d.1838
iv.Mark Alfred Wilders b.1834 Leigh on Sea,d.7Mar1918
v.Archibald Wilders b.1837 Leigh on Sea
vi.Nathan James Wilders b.1839 Leigh on Sea
vii.Mary Wilders b.1841 Leigh on Sea
viii.Frederick Wilders b.1842 Leigh on Sea
ix.Edward Gisby Wilders b.1845 Leigh on Sea
x.Joannah Wilders b.1848 Leigh on Sea

Abraham Wilders b.1802 (William.2,John.1)marr.23May1821 Amelia Ashman b.1808 Raleigh Essex F.Benjamin
Child of Abraham Wilders and Amelia Ashman
i.Henry Abraham Wilders b.1835 Leigh on Sea

Judith Wilders b.1811 (William.2,John.1) marr.William Mills b.1809 Harwich d. before 1881
Children of Judith Wilders and William Mills
i.Mary Ann Mills b.1835
ii.Elizabeth Mills b.1838
iii.Susannah Mills b.1844
iv.William Mills b.1848
v.Letitia Mills b.1850

Generation No.4

James Wilders b.1808 (John.3,John.2,John.1) marr.Mary Ann Cremer b.1811 Sittingbourne,d.1865 M.Betsey
Children of James Wilders and Mary Ann Cremer
i.John Wilders b.1832 Southend Essex
ii.William Wilders b.1836 Erith Kent,d.1867
iii.Esther Wilders b.1839 Erith
iv.Charles Wilders b.1842 Erith,d.1910
v.Elizabeth Sarah Wilders b.1844 Erith
vi.James Wilders b.1845 Erith,d.1924
vii.Richard Wilders b.1849 Erith d.1897 Erith
viii.Jane Wilders b.1853 Erith

George Wilders b.1814 (John.3,John.2,John.1) marr.1834 Mary Ann Lilley b.1820 Southend
Children of George Wilders and Mary Ann Lilley
i.George Wilders b.1835 Southend Essex
ii.Mary Ann Wilders b.1837 Erith Kent d.1845
iii.Emma Wilders b. 1841 Bexleyheath Kent
iv.John Francis Wilders b.1844 Barnehurst Kent
v.Robert Wilders b.1847 Barnehurst
vi.Sarah Ann Wilders b.1848 Barnehurst
vii.Oliver George Wilders b.1851 Crayford

William Wilders b.1815(John.3,John.2,John.1)marr.11Oct1836 Elizabeth Bishop b.1819 d.1892
Children of William Wilders and Elizabeth Bishop
i.William J.Wilders b.1838 Southend Essex d.1910
ii.Elizabeth Ann Wilders b.1842 Erith Kent, d.1865
iii.Alfred Boyton Wilders b.1845 Leigh on Sea Essex,d.1851
iv.Margaret Wilders b.1848 Erith Kent
v.Hannah Wilders b.1849 Erith
vi.Charlotte Wilders b.1851 Erith
vii.Alfred Wilders b.8Jun1852 Erith,d.1Sep1928 Erith
viii.Esther Wilders b.19Jan1855 Erith
ix.Emma Wilders b.6Aug1857 Erith
x.George Wilders b.1858 Erith
xi.William Wilders b.1859 Erith, d.1916
xii.Anne Wilders b.1860 Erith

Joseph William Wilders b.1819 (John.3,John.2,John.1) marr.4.Oct1840 Esther Cremer b.1814 Sittingbourne D.1895 Swanscombe, M.Betsey
Children of Joseph William Wilders and Esther Cremer
i.William John Wilders b.1844 Crayford
ii.Joseph Wilders b.1847 Crayford
iii.Elizabeth Wilders b.1852 Crayford

Henry Wilders b.1822 (John.3,John.2,John.1) marr.5Jun1843 Erith,Susan(nah) Clifford b.1826 Crayford
Children of Henry Wilders and Susan Clifford
i.Henry Wilders b.1845 Erith
ii.James Wilders b.1847 Erith
iii.Richard Wilders b.1849 Erith
iv.John Wilders b.1851 Crayford
v.Satox Wilders (AKA George) b.1852 Crayford
vi.Frederick Wilders b.1854 Shoebury
vii.Edwin Wilders b.1857 Shoebury
viii.Susannah Wilders b.1861 Great Wakering
ix.Emily Ruth Wilders b.1862 Shoebury
x.William George Wilders b.1865 Shoebury

John Wilders b.1832 (John Dee.3,James.2,John.1) marr 1864 St Georges East,Harriet F.Turner b.1829 Maldon Essex
Children of John Wilders and Harriet F.
i.Harriet R.Wilders b.1866 St.George in the East
ii.Louisa S.Wilders b.1870 St George in the East

Jane Wilders b. 1840 (John Dee.3,James.2,John.1) marr.6Dec1857 William Ellis b.1831 F.John M.Louisa
Children of Jane Wilders and William Ellis
i.John James Ellis b.1858
ii.Louisa Jane Ellis b.1861 d.1949
iii.Thomas Elijah Ellis b.1863
iv.William Ellis b.1865
v.Elijah Wilder Ellis b.1868
vi.Eliza Alice Ellis b.1870
vii.Henry Elijah Ellis b.1872
viii.Cross Ellis b.1875
ix.Walter Ellis b.1879

William Elijah Wilders b.1843 (John D.3,James.2,John.1)
Child of William Elijah Wilders
i.William Elijah Wilders b.1868, marr 8Dec1895 Sarah Elizabeth Gilham b.1862 Newington

Louisa Eliza Wilders b.1846 (John Dee.3,James.2,John.1)marr Charles Houghton b.1850 Leigh on Sea F.Charles
Child of Louisa Eliza Wilders
i.Colman Wilders b.1869 Leigh on Sea
Children of Louisa Eliza Wilders and Charles Houghton
i.Edith A Houghton b.1878
ii.Charles G.Houghton b.1880
iii.Louisa Elizabeth Houghton
iv.Eliza Sarah Houghton
v.Edward Houghton b.1887

Elizabeth Wilders b.1829 (John.3,William.2,John.1) marr.16Jun1850, James Wilkinson Kerry b.1823 Leigh F.Samuel M.Eliza Noakes
Children of Elizabeth Wilders and James Wilkinson Kerry
i.Rachel Kerry b. abt.1850
ii.James John Kerry b. abt.1852
iii.John Kerry b.abt.1854
v.Emma Elizabeth Kerry b.1859 d.1901
vi.Henry Kerry b.abt.1861
iv.Nathaniel Putt Kerry b.abt.1863 d.1940
viii.Mary Ann Kerry b.abt.1866 d.1938 marr.Charles Palmer
ix.Edward Kerry b.abt.1870
x.Olivia Kerry b.abt.1870

Mark Alfred Wilders b.1834 (James Abraham.3,William.2,John.1)marr 1Jul.1857 Emma Thorn b.1836 d.1908 F.Richard M.Esther Baxter
Children of Mark Alfred Wilders and Emma Thorn
i.Mark Richard Wilders b.1858 Leigh on Sea
ii.Joanna Wilders b.1860 Leigh on Sea
iii.Frederick James Wilders b.4Aug1863 Leigh on Sea 10Sep1944
iv.Emma Wilders b.14Oct1865 Leigh on Sea
v.Esther Mary Wilders b.22Dec1867 Leigh on Sea
vi.John William Wilders b.5Apr1870 Leigh on Sea
vii.George Hugh Wilders b.14Feb1872 Leigh on Sea
viii.James Wilders b.5Dec1874 Leigh on Sea d.1875 Leigh
ix.Mary Ann Wilders b.25Jun1877 Leigh on Sea

Frederick Wilders b.1842 (James Abraham.3,William.2,John.1) marr.Mary Ann b.1843 Queensborough Kent
Children of Frederick Wilders and Mary Ann
i.Helen Wilders b.1867 Queensborough Kent
ii.Frederick Wilders b.1870 Queensborough,Kent
iii.Archer Wilders b.1873 Queensborough
iv.Florence Wilders b 1876 Queensborough
v.Phillis Wilders b.1878 Queensborough
vi.James Wilders b.1880 Queensborough

Henry Abraham Wilders b.1835(Abraham.3,William.2,John.1) marr 5Jul.1854 Emma Osborne b.1834 Leigh F.William M.Eliza Gilson)
Child of Emma Osborne
i.Rosetta Osborne b.1853 Leigh
Children of Henry Abraham Wilders and Emma Osborne
i.Abraham Henry Wilders b.1855 Leigh on Sea
ii.Jonothon Wilders b.1857 Leigh on Sea marr.18Oct1879 Adelaide Johnson b.21Jun1861 Leigh
iii.Jane Eliza Wilders b.1860 Leigh on Sea
iv.Emma Wilders b.1862 Leigh on Sea
v.William Gabley Wilders b.1865 Leigh on Sea d.5Mar1947 Leigh
vi.Henry ( Harry )Wilders b.1867 Leigh on Sea
vii.Priscilla Wilders b.1869 Leigh on Sea d.1930 Leigh
viii.Ada Wilders b.1872 Leigh on Sea d.1882 Leigh
ix.George Wilders b.1873 Leigh on Sea
x.James Ashman Wilders b.1877 Leigh On Sea
xi.Arthur Wilders b.1879 Leigh on Sea d.1881 Leigh

Generation No.5

John Wilders b.1832 (James.4,John.3,John.2,John.1) marr.Martha b.1835 Crayford
Children of John Wilders and Martha
i.John William Wilders b.1858 Crayford
ii.Mary Ann Wilders b.1861 Shoebury
iii.James Wilders b.1866 Erith
iv.Edith Wilders b.1869 Erith

William Wilders b.1836 (James.4,John.3,John.2,John.1) marr.1859 Emma Beadle b.1842 Erith F.Samuel M.Catherine
Children of William Wilders and Emma Beadle
i.William Wilders b.1860 Leigh on Sea d.1916
ii.Emma Wilders b.1861
iii.Alice Wilders b.5.Sep1863 Erith Kent
iv.Rosina Wilders b.1868 Erith Kent

Esther Wilders b.1839 ( James.4,John.3,John.2,John.1) marr 1862 Stephen Jeffries b.1834 Northumberland Heath
Children of Esther Wilders and Stephen Jeffries
i.Alfred Stephen Jeffries b.1864 Erith
ii.Luther Walter Jeffries b.1874 Erith
iii.William George Jeffries b.1876 Erith
iv.George R.Jeffries b.1877 Erith
v.Arthur James Jeffries b.1878 Erith
vi.Percy Charles Jeffries b.1880 Erith

Elizabeth Sarah Wilders b.1844 (James.4,John.3,John.2,John.1) marr 1868 William Munns b.1847 Erith
Children of Elizabeth Sarah Wilders and William Munns
i.George Munns b. 1865
ii.Alfred Munns b.1867
iii.Mary A.L.Munns b.1871
iv.William J.Munns b.1874
v.Amy Munns b. 1879
vi.Ester Munns b. 1880

James Wilders b.1846 (James.4,John.3,John.2,John.1) marr 10Jun1867 Swanscombe, Ellen Sims b.1845 Crayford D.1916 F.John M.Lavinia
Children of James Wilders and Ellen Sims
i.Emily Wilders b.1867
ii.Charles Wilders b. 1872 Crayford
iii.John Wilders b.1875 Crayford
iv.Alice Lavinia Wilders b.1878 Crayford
v.William Wilders b.1881 Crayford
vi.George Wilders b.1883 Crayford
vii.Arthur Wilders b. 1885 Crayford d.1897 Crayford
viii.Esther Wilders b. 1887 Crayford
ix.Maud Wilders b.1891 Crayford d.1899 Crayford

Richard Wilders b.1849 (James.4,John.3,John.2,John.1) marr.1872 Spotland Lancashire, Eliza Foden b.1845 Stockport, F.Thomas M.Eliza
Children of Richard Wilders and Eliza Foden
i.Edith Wilders b.Bacup Lancs
ii.Augustus Wilders b.1875 Bacup
iii.Gertrude Wilders b.1877 Bacup
iv.Roland R.Wilders b.1879 Bacup
v.Alice Amy Wilders b.1880 Bacup
vi.Maud Wilders b.1883 Bacup
vii.Louise Wilders b.1886 Bacup

Jane Wilders b.1853 (James.4,John.3,John.2,John.1) marr.1876 Frederick Munns b.1852 Erith D.1881
Children of Jane Wilders and Frederick Munns
i.Amy E.Munns b.1878 Erith
ii.Ernest A.Munns b.1880 Erith
iii.Frederick Munns b.1882 Erith

George Wilders b.1836 (George.4,John.3,John.2,John.1)
Child of George Wilders
i.John Thomas Wilders b.1871 d.1Feb1947

Robert Wilders b.1847 (George.4,John.3,John.2,John.1) marr.1872 Sarah Matilda Stacey b.1853 Northfleet Kent
Children of Robert Wilders and Sarah Matilda Stacey
i.Emma Etta Wilders b.23 Jun1873 Northfleet
ii.Robert Thomas George Wilders b.29 Oct1875 Northfleet
iii. Mary Jane Wilders b.23Nov1877 Northfleet
iv.John Wilders b.19Mar1880 Northfleet marr.5Aug 1905 Swanscombe Emily Jane Souten b.1883 Ramsgate
v.William George Wilders b.26Jan1884 Northfleet
vi.George Wilders b.1886 Northfleet
vii.Elizabeth Phillis Wilders b.1889 Northfleet
viii.Frederick Wilders b.1892 Northfleet

Oliver George Wilders b.1851 (George.4,John.3,John.2,John.1) marr.1872 Maria Goss b.1857 Dartford
Children of Oliver George Wilders and Maria Goss
i.Henry Wilders b.1874
ii.Rose Ann Wilders b.2Nov1876 Northfleet marr.21Apr1894 Northfleet,James George Laming b.1875
iii.George Wilders b.2Feb1879 Northfleet
iv.Maria Ruth Wilders b.26Jul.1881 Northfleet
v.John Wilders b.2Aug1882 Northfleet
vi.William Wilders b.1886 Northfleet
vii.Robert Wilders b.1889 Northfleet
viii.Annie Wilders b.1890 Northfleet
ix.Alice Wilders b.1891 Northfleet
x.James Wilders b.1894 Northfleet

Elizabeth Ann Wilders b.1841 (William.4,John.3,John.2,John.1) marr.William Colshill b.1838
Child of Elizabeth Ann Wilders and William Colshill
i.John Coshall b.1863 marr.Elizabeth Sarah Patrick b.1880 Northumberland Heath

Charlotte Wilders b.1851 (William.4,John.3,John.2,John.1) marr.1870 William Osborne b.1849 Horton,Kent
Children of Charlotte Wilders and William Osborne
i.Esther Osborne b.1870
ii.Charlotte Osborne b.1872
iii.Maria Osborne b.1874
iv.Albert Osborne b.1880

Alfred Wilders b.1852 (William.4,John.3,John.2,John.1)marr.23May1874 Emily Durrant b.19Nov1856 Hounslow D.1933 Erith F.Joseph M.Elizabeth Coleshill
Children of Alfred Wilders and Emily Durrant
i.Charles Alfred Wilders b.31May1876 Crayford d.25Aug1945 Northumberland Heath
ii.Robert Wilders b.1878 Holloway London d.1883
iii.William Thomas Wilders b.1881 Southend Essex d.1952 Northumberland Heath Kent
iv.Emily Wilders b.1883 Highgate London,marr. 1915 Seymour Emery
v.George Wilders b.1887 Highgate d.1950 Northumberland Heath
vi.Sarah Wilders b.1890 Erith Kent
vii.Henry (Harry) Wilders b.1892 Erith marr 28Sep1918 Esther Hannah Whittington b.1894 Northumberland Heath d.1993 Norfolk
viii.Esther Wilders b.1893 Erith marr.1919 George Mead
ix.Albert Wilders b.18Jul.1894 Erith, marr 25Apr1915 Crayford, Annie Webb b.1895 Betsham Kent
x.Alfred Wilders b.1896 Crayford marr 28Sep1918 Crayford,Mary Ellena Webb b.1896 Betsham kent

Esther Wilders b.1855 (William.4,John.3,John.2,John.1) marr 1874 Charles Durrant b.30Apr1852 Crayford F.Joseph M.Elizabeth Coleshill
Children of Esther Wilders and Charles Durrant (see Durrant generation 4)

Emma Wilders b.1857 (William.4,John.3,John.2,John.1)marr (1) 1876 Romford ,George Wooder b.1855 Plumstead D.1899 Romford F.James M.Sarah Swindale. Marr.(2)1900 Romford, Henry Miles
Children of Emma Wilders and George Wooder
i.Annie Wooder b.26May1880 Stratford,London, d.4May1969 Billericay Essex
ii.Emma Wooder b.1885 Stratford
iii.George R.Wooder b.1887
iv.Florence Maud Wooder b.1888 Stratford marr.1918 Joseph Durrant b.1880 Northumberland Heath
v.Ernest Wooder b.1889 Romford D.1891 Romford
vi.Alfred Wooder b.1890 Barking
vii.Ernest Wooder b.1895 Ilford
Child of Emma Wilders and Henry Miles
Selina Annie Miles b.1900 Erith

William John Wilders b.1844 (Joseph William.4,John.3,John.2,John.1) marr.Mary Ann Hickmott b.1843 Maidstone F.Edward M.Mary Goldsmith
Children of William John Wilders and Mary Ann Hickmott
i.Edward Percy Wilders b.19May1866 Swanscombe D.13Sep1943
ii.Ada Mildred Wilders b.1868 Swanscombe D.1874 Gravesend District
iii.Ethel Marion Wilders b.1874 Culcutta

Joseph Wilders b.1847 (Joseph William.4,John.3,John.2,John.1) marr Ellen b.1845 Aylesford
Children of Joseph Wilders and Ellen
i.William James Wilders b.1875 Swanscombe
ii.Frederick Samuel Wilders b.1876 Swanscombe
iii.Gilbert Cremer Wilders b.1877 Swanscombe
iv.Joseph Arthur Wilders b.1880 Swanscombe d.1888 Swanscombe
v.Lois E Wilders b.1883 Swanscombe
vi.Alice Bertha Wilders b.1885 Swanscombe

James Wilders b.1847 (Henry.4,John.3,John.2,John.1) marr.Ann b.1849 Wrotham
Children of James Wilders and Ann
i.Annie Wilders b.1870
ii.Susannah Wilders b.1872 Hoo Kent
iii.Alfred Edward Wilders b.1876 Great Wakering. D.1883
iv.Henry Wilders b.1877 Great Wakering
v.James Edward Wilders b.1879 Great Wakering
vi.Rosetta Wilders b.1885 Southend
vii.Albert Wilders b.1888 Southend
viii.Arthur Wilders b.1891 Southend

Frederick Wilders b.1854 (Henry.4,John.3,John.2,John.1) marr.Mary Ann Groves b.1856 Reading Berkshire
Children of Frederick Wilders and Mary Ann Groves
i.Mary A.Wilders b.1875 Great Wakering
ii.George Frederick Wilders b.1877 Great wakering
iii.Eliza Winifred Wilders b.1880 Great Wakering
iv.Ernest J.Wilders b.1885 Great Wakering
v.Henry Wilders b.1888 Great Wakering
vi.Ada Elizabeth Wilders b.1889 Great Wakering
vii.Ethel Wilders b.1892 Great Wakering
viii.Ivy J.Wilders b.1895 Great Wakering
ix.Herbert Wilders b.1897 Great Wakering

Susannah Wilders b.1861 (Henry.4,John.3,John.2,John.1)
Child of Susannah Wilders
i.Hannah Wilders b.1879 Great Wakering

Mark Richard Wilders b.1858 (Mark Alfred.4,James Abraham.3,William.2,John.1) marr.1882 Rochford District,Ebba Lucy Miller b.1861 ' on the High Seas '
Children of Mark Richard Wilders and Ebba Lucy Miller
i.Mark G.C.Wilders b.1883 Bow,
ii.Frederick O.Wilders b.1886 Bow,
iii.Alice E.Wilders b.1888 Walthamstow
iv.Johanna E.Wilders b.1891 Walthamstow
v.May G.Wilders b.1895 Walthamstow
vi.Ethel N.Wilders b.1896 Walthamstow

Frederick James Wilders b.1863(Mark Alfred.4,James Abraham.3,William.2,John.1)marr 24Sep1892 Leigh Annie Emma Lester b.14Apr1866 D.25Feb1954 F.Daniel M.Emma
Children of Frederick James Wilders and Annie Emma Lester
i.Annie Emery Wilders b.1893 Leigh D.1991 marr.Stephen Daniel Cotgrove b.1890
ii.Dora Emma Wilders b.1895 Leigh D.9Nov1904

Esther Mary Wilders b.1867(Mark Alfred.4,James Abraham.3,William.2,John.1) marr.23Mar1889 William Robert Emery b.14Jun1868 F.John M.Elizabeth Wade
Children of Esther Mary Wilders and William Robert Emery
i.William Robert Emery b.1890
ii.Frederick George Emery b.1893
iii.Esther May Victoria Emery b.1898
iv.Arthur Roland Emery b.1901

George Hugh Wilders b.1872(Mark Alfred.4,James Abraham.3,William.2,John.1) marr.5.Oct1896 Maria Jones b.1874 Hackney F.Alfred
Children of George Hugh Wilder and Maria Jones
i.Lilian Wilders b.1897 Leigh on Sea
ii.Sydney George Wilders b.1900 Leigh on Sea marr.Ethel Wilson

Mary Ann Wilders b.1877 (Mark Alfred.4,James Abraham.3,William.2,John.1)marr 1901 Walter Sydney Squires
Child of Mary Ann Wilders and Walter Sydney Squires
i.Amie Vera Squires b.1905 d.1918

Abraham Henry Wilders b.1855(Henry Abraham.4,Abraham.3,William.2,John.1) marr 7.Oct1882 Mary Ann Frost/Eagleton b.1862 F.Edward Frost/Eagleton M.Elizabeth Dolby
Children of Abraham Henry Wilders and Mary Ann Frost/Eagleton
i.Ada Mary Wilders b.1844 Leigh marr.26Dec1908 Leigh, Edward George Cable
ii.Abraham Henry Wilders 1887 Leigh marr. 1910 Leigh, Ann Jane Bird
iii.Edward Gabley Wilders b.1889 Leigh
iv.Frederick G.Wilders b.1893 Leigh
v.Robert E.Wilders b.1898 Leigh
vi.Arthur Henry Wilders b.1900 Leigh

Jane Eliza Wilders b.1860 (Henry Abraham.4,Abraham.3,William.2,John.1)marr. 1881 Rochford District Robert William Deal b.1857 Leigh F.Joseph M.Eliza Boyton
Children of Jane Eliza Wilders and Robert William Deal
i.Robert Deal b.1884
ii.William Benjamin Deal b.1886
iii.Anne (or Agnes) Deal b.1888
iv.John Deal b.1890
v.Elizabeth Deal b.1892
vi.James Deal b.1894
vii.George Deal b.1896
viii.Emma Deal b.1898
ix.Victoria M.Deal b.1900
x.Mary Deal

William Gabley Wilders b.1865(Henry Abraham.4,Abraham.3,William.2,John.1)marr.1888 Rochford Annie Risby 16.Oct1866 Leigh, F.John M.Mary
Children of William Gabley Wilders and Annie Risby
i.Frank Frederick Wilders b.1889 Leigh
ii.Harold Wilders b. 1891 Leigh
iii.Henry Wilders b.1893 Leigh
iv.Hilda Mary Wilders b.1895 Leigh
v.James Risby Wilders b.1897 Leigh d.9Jul.1917 Battle of Jutland

Henry (Harry) Wilders b.1867(Henry Abraham.4,Abraham.3,William.2,John.1)marr.22Feb1887 Emma Frost b.24Feb1867 Leigh, F.Henry M.Ann
Children of Henry (Harry) Wilders and Emma Frost
i.Annie E.Wilders b.Abt.1888 Leigh d.1991
ii.Arthur Herbert Wilders b.1891 Leigh
iii.Henrietta Wilders b.1893 Leigh
iv.Ethel Wilders b.1896 Leigh
v.Mabel Wilders b.1899 Leigh

Priscilla Wilders b.1869 (Henry Abraham.4,Abraham.3,William.2,John.1)marr 4Dec1892 Leigh, William Henry Partridge b.29Sep1859 d.8Aug1948 M.Sarah Ann Partridge
Children of Priscilla Wilders and William Henry Partridge
i.Edward John Partridge b.1896
ii.William George Partridge b.1893 d.1960
iv.Priscilla Partridge b.1900

George Wilders b.1873(Henry Abraham.4,Abraham.3,William.2,John.1)marr.1899 Leigh,Ann Elizabeth Bines b.1878 Southend F.William M.Harriet Frost
Child of George Wilders and Ann Elizabeth Bines
i.Lilian Annie Wilders b.1900 Leigh on Sea

James Ashman Wilders b.1877 (Henry Abraham.4,Abraham.3,William.2,John.1)marr.23Feb1897 Ellen Hannah Bowling b.1877 Harwich F.James Frederick
Children of James Ashman Wilders and Ellen Hannah Bowling
i.Frederick George Wilders b.1898 Leigh on Sea
ii.Kathleen Emma Wilders b.1899 Leigh on Sea
iii.Ellen Elizabeth Wilders b.1900 Leigh on Sea
iv.James Ashman Wilders b.15Mar1905 Leigh on Sea

Generation No.6

Alice Wilders b.1863 (William.5,James.4,John.3,John.2,John.1)marr.29May1882 John Thomas Durrant b.8Aug1861 Crayford D.30Jul.1935 Erith, F.Joseph M. Elizabeth Coleshill
Children of Alice Wilders and John Thomas Durrant (see Durrant Generation 4)

Emily Wilders b.1867 (James.5,James.4,John.3,John.2 John.1) marr.1890 Henry Sefton
Children of Emily Wilders and Henry Sefton
i.Emily Sefton b.1893 Crayford
ii.Harry Sefton b.1897 Crayford
iii.Arthur Sefton b.1900 Barrow Lancs

John Wilders b.1875 ( James.5,James.4,John.3,John.2,John.1) marr.1899 Julia Harfield b.1879 Crayford
Child of John Wilders and Julia Harfield
i.John J.Wilders b.1900 Erith

John Thomas Wilders b.1871(George.5,George.4,John.3,John.2,John.1) marr 1898 Maria Elizabeth Holman b.1876 Alverstoke Hampshire,d.1969 F.William M.Lucy Archer
Children of John Thomas Wilders and Maria Elizabeth Holman
i.John William Thomas Wilders b.3Feb1898 Erith
ii.Constance Lucy E.Wilders b.1901 Erith
iii.Leslie Harold Wilders b.1904 Erith d.1978

Charles Alfred Wilders b.1876 (Alfred.5,William.4,John.3,John.2,John.1)marr 31Jul.1909 Rachel Emily Whitehead b.5.Oct1883 d.11Feb1958 F.John M.Mary Giggins
Children of Charles Alfred Wilders and Rachel Emily Whitehead
i.John Frederick Whitehead b.10Jan1907 Northumberland Heath,d.3Jun1987 New Zealand marr.20.Oct1935 Ethel Amelia Whitney b.6Dec1911 Canning Town d.31May1971
ii.Emily Rachel Wilders b.10May1911 Northumberland Heath marr.1930 Northumberland Heath,Joseph William Mundy b.1910 d.24Jan1994
iii.Rachel Elizabeth Wilders b.25Sep1913 Northumberland Heath marr 1941 Pilcher Gilbert Love b.1914 Dartford
iv.Charles Alfred Wilders b.17Sep1918 Northumberland Heath,d.1971 Camberwell Surrey

Edward Percy Wilders b.1866 (William John.5,Joseph William.4,John.3,John.2,John.1) marr.Marjorie E. Bushby b.1Dec1889 Surrey, D.20Jan1978 Liverpool. F.Thomas M.Elizabeth Brown
Child of Edward Willders and Marjorie E.Bushby
i.Joyce Marion Willders b.23Feb1920 Reigate, marr.John Harold Heyes b.20Nov1918 Liverpool,D.1Jan1998 Liverpool

William James Wilders b.1875 (Joseph.5,Joseph William.4,John.3,John.2,John.1) marr 1908 Emily Addis
Children of William James Wilders and Emily Addis
i.Joan Alberta Wilders b.15Jan1913 Dartford
ii.Irving Arthur Wilders b.1915 Dartford

James Ashman Wilders b.1905 (James Ashman.5,Henry Abraham.4,Abraham.3,William.2,John.1)
Child of James Ashman Wilders
i.Judy Wilders

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A Wilders branch that we have not yet made a connection to the family above

Generation No.1

Frederick John Wilders b.1806 Southend, d.30Nov1851 Crayford. marr.Eleanor Dobbs b.1811 Leigh
Children of Frederick John Wilders and Eleanor Dobbs
i.Frederick G.Wilders b.1828 Grays Essex
ii.George Henry Wilders b.1831 Crayford
iii.John Wilders b.1834 Crayford
iv.Henry Wilders b.11.Oct1837 Crayford, d.19Jan1840 Crayford
v.Henry George Wilders b.1840 Crayford
vi.Ellen Wilders b.1842 Crayford
vii.Thomas Samuel Wilders b.1844 Crayford
viii.Herbert Wilders b.1846 Crayford
ix.Eliza Wilders b.1848 Crayford
x.David Wilders b.1851 Crayford

Generation No.2

Frederick G.Wilders b.1828 (Frederick John.1) marr.Elizabeth b.1834 Hammersmith
Children of Frederick G.Wilders and Elizabeth
i.Hannah Wilders b.1853 Crayford
ii.Frederick Wilders b.1856 Milton, Gravesend
iii.Henry Wilders b.1859 Crayford
iv.Mary Ann Wilders b.1863 Crayford
v.Sarah A. Wilders b.1867 Crayford

George Henry Wilders b.1831 (Frederick John.1) marr.1852 Milton District, Mary Ann Chapman b.1833 Sittingbourne, F.John M.Ann
Children of George Henry Wilders and Mary Ann Chapman
i.Mary Ann Wilders b.1860 Rochester
ii.Catherine Wilders b.1862 Strood
iii.John F.Wilders b.1870 Southend
iv.Harry Wilders b.1874 Erith
v.Agnes Wilders b.1880 Dartford

Henry George Wilders b.1840 (Frederick John.1) marr.26Dec1860 Strood, Sarah Ann Lee b.1840 Walford Northants, F.Dorrell
Children of Henry George Wilders and Sarah Ann Lee
i.Ann Eliza Wilders b.1863 Strood
ii.Thomas John Wilders b.1865 Rochester
iii.Albert Henry Wilders b.1872 Rochester
iv.Mary Ann Elizabeth Wilders b.1873 Northfleet, marr.10Mar1895 Northfleet,George Edward White b.1870
v.William W.Wilders b.1874 Northfleet
vi.Joseph Henry Wilders b.1875 Northfleet
vii.Sarah Wilders b.21Nov1876 Northfleet
viii.Mary Hannah Wilders b.1877 Northfleet
ix.Florence Ellen Wilders b.25Jul.1880 Northfleet
x.Herbert Edward Wilders b.10Feb1882 Northfleet

David Wilders b.1851 (Frederick John.1) marr 1873 West Ham District, Clara Beadle b.1851 Erith d.1913 Erith.F.Samuel M.Catherine
Children of David Wilders and Clara Beadle
i.Richard Wilders b.1875 Erith d.1899
ii.David Wilders b.1877 Erith
iii.Robert Wilders b.1879 Erith
iv.Henry wilders b.1881 Erith
v.Emma Wilders b.1885 Erith marr.2Aug1904 Slade Green,Edward Norman Maunder b.1875 Strood
vi.James Wilders b.1890 Erith
vii.Kate Wilders b.1893 Erith

Generation No.3

Sarah A.Wilders b.1867 (Frederick G.2,Frederick John.1) marr.(1) 1883 Robert Jabez May b.1865 Slade Green d.1897 F.James M.Mary Ann. marr.(2) 1900 Frederick W.Wilders b.1879 Colchester Essex, F.Frederick M.Emma Herbert
Children of Sarah A. Wilders and Robert Jabez May
i.Henry G.May b.1885 Slade Green
ii.Robert J.May b.1887 Dartford
iii.Charlotte May b.1891 Dartford
Child of Sarah A.Wilders and Frederick W.Wilders
i.Eva Irene Wilders b.1899

Mary Ann Wilders b.1860 ( George Henry.2,Frederick John.1) marr.16Mar1884 Gravesend, John Pinner b.1860 Harwich Essex F.John M.Harriet Webber
Children of Mary Ann Wilders and John Pinner
i.Agnes Pinner b.1881 Dartford
ii.Katie Pinner b.1884 Northfleet
iii.John Pinner b.1886 Tilbury
iv.Florence Pinner b.1889 Northfleet
v.William Pinner b.1891 Tilbury
vi.Percival Pinner b.1897
vii.Rose Pinner b.1900

David Wilders b.1877 (David.2,Frederick John.1)marr.(1)1896 Mary Ann Cook b.1877 Erith d.1906. marr.(2) 1Apr1907 Florence Gilbert b.1884 F.Henry
Children of David Wilders and Mary Ann Cook
i.David William Wilders b.1896 Erith
ii.Henry T.Wilders b.1899 Erith d.1914
iii.Florence Beatrice Wilders b.1906

Robert Wilders b.1879 (David.2,Frederick John.1) marr.1902 Kate Louise Webber b.1877 Erith F.William M.Caroline Eades
Children of Robert Wilders and Kate Louise Webber
i.Violet May Wilders
ii.Robert Henry Wilders
iii.Frank Wilders

Henry Wilders b.1881 (David.2,Frederick John.1) marr.1900 Sarah Ann Wilkinson b.1881 Enfield Middlesex
Child of Henry Wilders and Sarah Ann Wilkinson
i.Henry Wilders

James Wilders b.1890 ( david .2,Frederick John.1) marr.1908 Dartford District, Florence Alice Mackrill/Sibley b.1890 Erith F.Alfred Sibley M.Eliza Mackrill
Children of James Wilders and Florence Alice Mackrill/Sibley
i.James Wilders
ii.Florence Maud Wilders
iii.Leslie Wilders
iv.Doris V.Wilders

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Beadle Genealogy Report

Generation No.1

Samuel Beadle b.1818 Erith, D.1889, marr.Catherine b.1817 Middlesex D.1901
Children of Samuel Beadle and Catherine
i.George Beadle b.1841 Erith
ii.Emma Beadle b.1842 Erith
iii.Samuel Beadle b.1844 Harwich d.1914
iv.Robert Beadle b.1846 Erith d.1900. marr.1871, Emily Grace Sanders b.1854
v.Thomas Beadle b.1849 Erith
vi.Clara Beadle b.1851 Erith d.1913 Erith
vii.Rosina Beadle b.1853 Erith
viii.Frederick Beadle b.1854 Erith
ix.Walter Beadle b.1856 Erith, d.1925
x.Richard Beadle b.1858 Erith, marr.1900 West Ham District, Ellen Sarah King b.1868 Covent Garden
xi.Edward Beadle b.1860 Erith d.1861 Erith

Generation No.2

Emma Beadle b.1842 ( Samuel.1) marr (1) 1859, William Wilders b.1836 Erith, d.1867. F.James M.Mary Cremer. marr.(2) 1871 John Watts b.1838 Glasgow, Scotland
Children of Emma Beadle and William Wilders
i.William Wilders b.1860 Leigh
ii.Emma Wilders b.1861
iii.Alice Wilders b.5Sep1863 Erith
iv.Rosina Wilders b.1868 Erith
Children of Emma Beadle and John Watts
i.Walter Watts b.1873 Erith
ii.Clara Watts b.1874 Erith
iii.Emma Watts b.1879 Erith
iv.Robert Watts b.1880 Erith
v.Katherine Watts b.1881 Erith
vi.Elizabeth Watts b.1883 Erith

Samuel Beadle b.1844 ( Samuel.1) marr.(1) 1864 Emily Griffiths b.1845 Sutton at Hone, d.1895. marr(2) 1896 Annie Gilham b.1848 Welling
Children of Samuel Beadle and Emily Griffiths
i.James Beadle b.1866 Erith
ii.Samuel Charles Beadle b.1867 Erith d.1874 Erith
iii.Emily Louisa Beadle b.1869 Erith
iv.Fred Beadle b.1871 Erith
v.Frank Beadle b.1873 Erith
vi.Herbert Beadle b.1875 Erith
vii.Richard Beadle b.1880 Erith d.1896
viii. Saxon (AKA George) Beadle b.24Jul.1882 Erith

Thomas Beadle b.1849(Samuel.1) marr.1870 Woolwich District, Mary Ann Flatt b.1851 Feltwell Norfolk
Children of Thomas Beadle and Mary Ann Flatt
i.Lillie Amelia Beadle b.1873
ii.Bessie Kate Beadle b.1874 Erith
iii.Martha Ann Beadle b.1876 Erith marr.1900 George Chaplin Clempson b.1875 Enfield

Clar Beadle b.1851 (Samuel.1) marr 1873 David Wilders b.1851 Crayford.F.Frederick M.Eleanor Dobbs
Children of Clara Beadle and david Wilders
i.Richard Wilders b.1875 Erith d.1899
ii.David Wilders b.1877 Erith
iii.Robert Wilders b.1879 Erith
iv.Henry Wilders b.1881 Erith
v.Emma Wilders b.1885 Erith marr.2Aug1904 Slade Green,Edward Norman Maunder b.1875 Strood
vi.James Wilders b.1890 Erith
vii. Kate Wilders b.1893 Erith

Rosina Beadle b.1853 (Samuel.1) marr.1872 John Ellard b.1850 Erith
Children of Rosina Beadle and John Ellard
i.Thomas Ellard b.1873 Erith
ii.John Ellard b.1874 Erith marr.23 Dec1897 Beatrice Hannah Beadle b.1881 Swanscombe
iii.Ann Ellard b.1877 Erith

Frederick Beadle b.1854 (Samuel.1) marr.6Dec1874 Elizabeth Diana Hoadley b.1856 F.John Thomas Hoadley
Children of Frederick Beadle and Elizabeth Diana Hoadley
i.Ada Beadle b.1875 Erith
ii.John Thomas Beadle b.1878 Swanscombe
iii.Beatrice Hannah Beadle b.1881 Swanscombe marr.23Dec1897 John Ellard b.1874 Erith
iv.Lucy Marriot Beadle b.1884 Greenhithe marr.13Apr1903 Erith,William Farrow Sebborn b.1881
v.Eliza Beadle b.1887 Greenhithe
vi.Richard Beadle b.1889 Greenhithe
vii.Thomas Beadle b.1891 Erith
viii.Charles Robert Harold Beadle b.1897 Erith

Walter Beadle b.1856 (Samuel.1) marr Mary Ann b.1857 Crayford
Children of Walter Beadle and Mary Ann
i.Walter Beadle b.1877 Erith
ii.Mary Beadle b.1879 Erith
iii.Ada Beadle b.1881 Erith
iv.Thomas Beadle b.1883 Erith
v.Lillie Florence Beadle b.1885 Erith
vi.Edward Beadle b.1888 Erith
vii.Mabel Beadle b.4Feb1892 Crayford
viii.Ethel Beadle b.1896 Crayford
ix.Frank Beadle b.1899 Crayford

Generation No.3

James Beadle b.1866 (Samuel.2,Samuel.1) marr 1885 Harriet Jarvis b.1867 Erith
Children of james Beadle and Harriet Jarvis
i.Frederick James Beadle b.1886 Erith
ii.Samuel Herbert Frank Beadle b.12Dec1892 Erith
iii.Herbert Walter Beadle b.5Feb1895 Erith
iv.George Henry Beadle b.5Mar1896 Erith
v.Leonard William Beadle b.20Sep1897 Erith

Frank Beadle b.1873 (Samuel.2,Samuel.1) marr.1896 Emily Ricketts b.1872 Erith
Children of Frank Beadle and Emily Ricketts
i.Frank Edward Beadle b.1Jun1898 Erith
ii.Herbert J.Beadle b.1901 Erith

Lillie Amelia Beadle b.1873 (Thomas.2,Samuel.1) marr.1892 James Shepherd b.1871 Croyden
Children of Lillie Amelia Beadle and James Shepherd
i.Ethel Flora Shepherd b.1893
ii.Kathleen M.Shepherd b.1896
iii.Thomas James B.Shepherd b.1898
iv.Lillie Mary Shepherd b.1900

John Thomas Beadle b.1878 ( Frederick.2,Samuel.1) marr 21May1899 Erith, Margaret Clinch b.1878 Belvedere F.Joseph
Child of John Thomas Beadle and Margaret Clinch
i.Elizabeth Beadle b.1901

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