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William Alfred Fairbrother Alice Fairbrother


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Fairbrother Genealogy Report

Generation No.1

William Fairbrother b.abt 1766 marr.15.Oct1787 Wadhurst Susex,, Mary Goddan b. abt 1770
Children of William Fairbrother and Mary Goddan
i.Elizabeth Fairbrother b.1788 Wadhurst Sussex
ii.Philadelphia Fairbrother b.1790 Wadhurst, marr.6Jun1813 Rotherfield Sussex,Samuel Vaughan
iii.James Fairbrother b.1791 Wadhurst d.1880
iv.George Fairbrother b.25Jun1800 Wadhurst
v.Mary Fairbrother b.1802 Wadhurst

Generation No.2

James Fairbrother b.1791(William.1) marr.5Dec1811, Mayfield Sussex, Ann Humphrey b.1791 Mayfield,d.1855, F.Walter , M.Ann Turner
Children of James Fairbrother and Ann Humphrey
i.James Fairbrother b.1812 Wadhurst
ii.John Fairbrother b.1813 Wadhurst Sussex
iii.Ann Fairbrother b.1815 Wadhurst d.1861
iv.Mary Fairbrother b.1May1817 Wadhurst d.31Jan1898 Hailsham E.Sussex
v.Joseph Fairbrother b.12Jul.1820 Wadhurst, d.1896 Wadhurst
vi.Elizabeth Fairbrother b.6Oct1822 Wadhurst
vii.Sarah Fairbrother b.2Jul.1825 Wadhurst
viii.Samuel Fairbrother b.9Jun1827 Wadhurst
ix.Henry Fairbrother b.1Apr1830 Wadhurst d.1888 Uckfield District
x.George Fairbrother b.10May1832 Wadhurst d.1884 Sevenoaks District

Generation No.3

John Fairbrother b.1813 (James.2,William.1) marr.9Feb1840 Frant Sussex,Mary Ann Corke b.1810 Rotherfield Sussex F.Adam Glazier
Children of John Fairbrother and Mary Ann Corke
i.James Fairbrother b. 1840 Frant Sussex d.1871 Tunbridge District marr.1869,Elizabeth Susannah Lawrence b.1841 Caple Kent
ii.William Alfred Fairbrother b.9Nov1841 Tunbridge Wells Kent
iii.Mary Ann Fairbrother b.1845 Tunbridge Wells
iv.Emma Fairbrother b. 1846 Tunbridge Wells
v.Isaac Fairbrother b.abt.1850 Tunbridge Wells
vi.John Fairbrother b.1852 Tunbridge Wells

Ann Fairbrother b.1815 ( James.2,William.1) marr.Thomas King b.1811 Fletching Sussex
Children of Ann Fairbrother and Thomas King
i.Hannah King b.1835 Wadhurst
ii.Thomas King b.1836 Wadhurst marr.1858 Ruth Rumens b.1838 Wadhurst
iii.Mary King b.1838
iv.James King b.1840 Tonbridge Kent
v.George King b.1843 Tonbridge
vi.Elisabeth King b.1845 Tonbridge
vii.Jabez King b.1848 Tonbridge
viii.Amos King b.1850 Tonbridge
ix.Ann King b.1852 Tunbridge Wells
x.Rhoda King b.1853 Tunbridge Wells
xi.Ruth King b.1856 Tunbridge Wells
xii.Jesse King b.1858 Tunbridge Wells

Mary Fairbrother b.1817 (James.2.William.1) marr.William Styles b.27Dec1816 Wadhurst. d.2Nov1887.F.Henry M.Esther Wheeler
Children of Mary Fairbrother and William Styles
i.John W.Styles b.19Sep1840 West Farring Sussex,d.29Jun 1914
ii.Mary Ann Styles b.26Jun1842 Rotherfield d.24Feb1879
iii.William Styles b.6.Oct1843 d.6Sep1929
iv.Jemima Styles b.6Nov1845 d.9Feb1911
Albert Styles b.22Sep1847 West Tarring Sussex

Joseph Fairbrother b.1820 (James.2,William.1)marr.1851 Elizabeth Cane b.1830 Wadhurst d.1900
Children of Joseph Fairbrother and Elizabeth Cane
i.Ann Fairbrother b.1852 Wadhurst
ii.Edwin Fairbrother b.1854 Wadhurst
iii.Amelia Charity Fairbrother b.1856 Wadhurst
iv.Harriet Fairbrother b.1858 Wadhurst
v.Joseph Fairbrother b.1859 Wadhurst
vi.Philadelphia Fairbrother b. 1866 Wadhurst, marr.1889 Frank William Clarke b. 1863 Ticehurst Sussex

Elizabeth Fairbrother b.1822 (James.2,William.1) marr.1850 James Jarrett b.1816 Mayfield
Children of Elizabeth Fairbrother and James Jarret (though unsure of father of first three!)
i.William Fairbrother b.8Dec1839 Wadhurst
ii.Mary A.Fairbrother b.1845 Wadhurst
iii.Miriam Fairbrother b.1846 Wadhurst
iv.Naomi Jarrett b.1851 Wadhurst d.1852 Wadhurst
v.Harriet Jarrett b.1852 Wadhurst
vi.Levi Jarrett b.1854 Wadhurst marr.1879 Hitchin Herts, Melody Elizabeth Empson b.1850 Therfield Herts.
vii.James Jarrett b.1856 Wadhurst
viii.Elizabeth Jarrett b.1858 Wadhurst
ix.Phoebe Jarrett b.1862 Wadhurst

Sarah Fairbrother b.1825 (James.2,William.1) marr. 3Apr1852 Frant,George Blackford b.1827 Frant Sussex
Children of Sarah Fairbrother and George Blackford
i.Albert Blackford b. 1853 Frant Sussex
ii.Alfred Blackford b.1855 Frant
iii.Henry Blackford b.1857 Frant
iv.Kate Blackford b.1859 Frant

Samuel Fairbrother b. 1827 (James.2,William.1) married 1851 Ann Tapp b.1831 Wadhurst
Children of Samuel Fairbrother and Ann Tapp
i.Albert Fairbrother b. 1852 Wadhurst,
ii.Edwin Fairbrother b.25Feb1853 Wadhurst
iii.William Henry Fairbrother b.1855 Wadhurst
iv.Sarah Elizabeth Fairbrother b.1857 Wadhurst
v.Samuel Fairbrother b. 1860 Wadhurst, marr.1887 Leah Henrietta Styles b. 1867 Wadhurst
vi.Annie Fairbrother b.1864 Wadhurst
vii.Walter Charles Fairbrother b. 1869 Wadhurst
viii.Harriet Fairbrother b.1870 Wadhurst d.1878 Wadhurst
ix.Edith Fairbrother b.1876 Wadhurst
x.George Fairbrother b.1879 Wadhurst d.1890 Wadhurst

Henry Fairbrother b.1830 (James.2,William.1)marr.22Nov1853 Rotherfield, Harriet Wickenden b.1834 Rotherfield F.William M.Mary Goodman
Children of Henry Fairbrother and Harriet Wickenden
i.George Fairbrother b.1854 Rotherfild Sussex
ii.Henry Fairbrother b.25Sep1856 Rotherfield

George Fairbrother b.1832(James.2,William.1)marr.25Dec1856 Rotherfield,Elizabeth Wickenden b.1836 Rotherfield, F.William M.Mary Goodman
Children of George Fairbrother and Elizabeth Wickenden
i.Mary Jane Fairbrother b. 1858 Rotherfield
ii. Albert Ernest Fairbrother b. 1860 Rotherfield
iii.Fanny Fairbrother b. 1862 Rotherfield marr.1893 Charles Thomas Bartholomew b.1859 Wadhurst
iv. Anne Hannah Fairbrother b.1865 Penshurst Kent
v.Emily Fairbrother b.1871 Penshurst Kent

Generation No.4

William Alfred Fairbrother b.1841(John.3,James.2,William.1)marr.13Sep1870,Laura Louisa Barton b.1844 Hadlow,Kent d.Jun26 1906.F.Stephen M.Elizabeth Harris
Children of William Alfred Fairbrother and Laura Louisa Barton
i.Lily Louisa Fairbrother b.Jan20 1872 Tunbridge Wells
ii.Alice Kate Fairbrother b.Jul06 1873 Tunbridge Wells d.Jul02 1931 Hammersmith
iii.Charles William Fairbrother b.May08 1875 Tunbridge Wells
iv.Walter Fairbrother b.Jul21 1876 Tunbridge Wells
v.John James Fairbrother b.Jul 15 1879 Hammersmith London,marr.1900 Harriet Julia Huggins b.1879 Notting Hill
vi.William Alfred Fairbrother b.May04 1881 Hammersmith d.Nov12 1884 Hammersmith
vii.Annie Elizabeth Fairbrother b.Aug01 1883 Hammersmith d.Jul06 1884 Hammersmith
viii.Mary Louisa Fairbrother b.Apr03 1885 Hammersmith
ix.Harry Barton Fairbrother b. Apr03 1887 Hammersmith

Mary Ann Fairbrother b.1845 (John.3,James.2,William.1) marr.1866 George Parsons b.1843 London Middsx.
Children of Mary Ann Fairbrother and George Parsons
i.Harry Parsons b.1867
ii.Jane Parsons b.1869
iii.George Parsons b.1872
iv.Richard Parsons b.1875
v.Alice Parsons b.1881

Emma Fairbrother b.1846 (John.3,James.2,William.1)marr.1870 Frederick Ware b.1852 Hastings
Children of Emma Fairbrother and Frederick Ware
i.William Ware b.1870
ii.Frederick A.Ware b.1872 Tunbridge Wells

William Fairbrother b.1839 (Elizabeth.3,James.2,William.1) marr.25Nov1865 Mayfield, Mary Pollington b.1839 Mayfield
Children of William Fairbrother and Mary Pollington
i.Caroline Fairbrother b.1866 Mayfield
ii.Miriam Fairbrother b.1868 Mayfield
iii.William Henry Fairbrother b.11May1876 Mayfield

Albert Fairbrother b.1852 (Samuel.3,James.2,William.1) marr.1899 Charity Ann Calloway [nee Stevens] b.1847 Wadhurst. F.Joseph Stevens M.Charity
Child of Charity Ann Stevens
i.Robert Stevens b.1868 Wadhurst

Edwin Fairbrother b.1853 (Samuel.3,James.2,William.1) marr.Philadelphia Manktelow b.1853 Wadhurst
Child od Edwin Fairbrother and Philadelphia Manktelow
i.Emily Fairbrother b.1878 Wadhurst d.1932

William Henry Fairbrother b.1855 (Samuel.3,James.2,William.1) marr.1883 Hannah Humphrey Moore b.1856 Speldhurst
Children of William Henry Fairbrother and Hannah Humphrey Moore
i.Mabel Fairbrother b.1884 Mayfield
ii.Herbert Fairbrother b.1886 Mayfield
iii.Ethel Fairbrother b.1888 Mayfield

Annie Fairbrother b.1864 (Samuel.3,James.2,William.1) marr.1886 Islington, Tom Tew b.1864 Leicester
Children of Annie Fairbrother and Tom Tew
i.Archibald Tew b.1887 Walthamstow
ii.Herbert Tew b.1889 Walthamstow
iii.Maud Tew b.1891 Waltham Cross, Herts
iv.Leslie Tew b.1892 Leicester
v.Stanley Tew b.1894 Leicester
vi.Harold Tew b.1896 Leicester
vii.Dorothy Tew b.1898 Leicester
viii.Gladys Tew b.1900 Leicester

George Fairbrother b.1854(Henry.3,James.2,William.1)marr.22May1878 Alice Elizabeth Patchett b.1855 Spalding Lincs.
Children of George Fairbrother and Alice Elizabeth Patchett
i.Martha T.Fairbrother b. 1879 Rotherfield Sussex
ii.William H.Fairbrother b.1880 Hastings Sussex
iii.Amos Fairbrother b.1882 Rotherfield
iv.George Fairbrother b.1884 Rotherfield
v.Alice J.Fairbrother b.1887 Rotherfield
vi.Arthur Fairbrother b.1890 Rotherfield
vii.Harry Fairbrother b.1891 Rotherfield

Henry Fairbrother b.1856 (Henry.3,James.2,William.1) marr 7Aug1880 Mary Dart b.17Jun1851 M. Agnes Dart
Children of Henry Fairbrother and Mary Dart
i.Harry George Fairbrother b.9May 1881
ii.Agnes Fairbrother b.8Jan1883
iii.Percy William Fairbrother b.29Apr1884
iv.Ernest Fairbrother b.25Jan1886 d.17Jul.1968

Edwin Fairbrother b.1854(Joseph.3,James.2,William.1) marr 1894 Ann Thomsett b.1856
Child of Edwin Fairbrother and Ann Thomsett
i.Charity Fairbrother b.1894

Generation No.5

Alice Kate Fairbrother b.1873 (William Alfred.4,John.3,James.2,William.1)marr Dec01 1901,William John Botwright b.Jan10 1878 Notting Hill F.Noah M.Berthiah George (Botwright Extras)

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Stevens Genealogy Report

Generation No.1

Joseph Stevens b.1801 Wadhurst Sussex marr.Charity b.1803 Mayfield Sussex
Children of Joseph Stevens and Charity
i.Robert Stevens b.1833 Wadhurst
ii.Benjamin Stevens b.1836 Wadhurst
iii.Faith Stevens b.1838 Wadhurst marr.Jul.13 1860 Frant Thomas Whitle
iv.Frederick Stevens b.1841 Wadhurst
v.Horace Stevens b.1843 Wadhurst
vi.David Stevens b.1845 Wadhurst
vii.Charity Ann Stevens b.1847 Wadhurst

Generation No.2

Benjamin Stevens b.1836 (Joseph.1) marr1861 Mary Ann Taylor b.1834 Mayfield
Children of Benjamin Stevens and Mary Ann Taylor
i.James Stevens b.1865 Lamberhurst
ii.Alice Stevens b.1870 Lamberhurst
iii.Thomas Stevens b.1873 Lamberhurst
iv.Albert Stevens b.1878 Lamberhurst

Frederick Stevens b.1841 (Joseph.1) marr.Emma b.1842 Wadhurst
Children of Frederick Stevens and Emma
i.Joseph Stevens b.1863 Wadhurst Sussex
ii.Frederick Stevens b.1866 Wadhurst
iii.Charles Stevens b.1869 Wadhurst
iv.Christiana Stevens b.1871 Wadhurst
v.Benjamin Stevens b.1873 Wadhurst
vi.Herbert Stevens b.1875 Wadhurst
vii.Sidney Stevens b.1877 Wadhurst
viii.Alexander Stevens b.1878 Wadhurst
ix.Mary Jane Stevens b.1881 Wadhurst

David Stevens b.1845 (Joseph.1) marr. Mary Ann b.1848 Rolvedon Kent
Children of David Stevens and Mary Ann
i.Edgar Stevens b.1875 Wadhurst
ii.Joseph Stevens b.1878 Wadhurst
iii.Robert Stevens b.1880 Wadhurst

Charity Ann Stevens b.1847 (Joseph.1) marr. 1)abt 1870, James Calloway b.1847 Wadhurst. d.1892.marr.2) 1899,Albert Fairbrother F.Samuel M.Ann (FAIRBROTHER EXTRAS)
Child of Charity Ann Stevens
Robert Stevens b. 1868 Wadhurst
Children of Charity Ann Stevens and James Calloway
i.Louis Calloway b.1875 Wadhurst
ii.Florence Grace Calloway b.1877 Wadhurst
iii.Rose Ellen Calloway b.1880 Wadhurst

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Styles Genealogy Report

Generation No.1

Henry Styles marr.Esther Wheeler
Child of Henry Styles and Esther Wheeler
i.William Styles b.Jan27 1816 Wadhurst Sussex, d.Nov02 1887 Chiddingly Sussex

Generation No.2

William Styles b.1816 (Henry.1)marr.Mary Fairbrother b.1817 Wadhurst, d.1898 F.James M.Ann Humphrey (FAIRBROTHER EXTRAS)
Children of William Styles and Mary Fairbrother
i.John W.Styles b.Sep19 1840 West Farring, Sussex d.Jun29 1914
ii.Mary Ann Styles b.Jun26 1842 Rotherfield, d.Feb24 1879
iii.William Styles b.Oct 06 1843 Rotherfield, d.Sep06 1929
iv.Jemima Styles b.Nov06 1845 Rotherfield, d.Feb19 1911
v.Albert Styles b.Sep22 1847 West Tarring, Sussex

Generation No.3

John W.Styles b.1840 (William.2,Henry.1) marr.Ann b.1838 Mayfield Sussex
Children of John W.Styles and Ann
i.Mary A.Styles b.1864 Mayfield Sussex
ii.Ruth Styles b.1867 Mayfield
iii.Mercy Styles b.1869 Mayfield
iv.John Styles b.1870 Mayfield
v.Jemima Styles b.1872 Mayfield
vi.William H.Styles b.1873 Mayfield
vii.Sarah J.E.Styles b.1874 Dallington Sussex
viii.Naomi Styles b.1875 Dallington
ix.Rachael Styles b.1880 Dallington

Jemima Styles b.1845 (William.2,Henry.1) marr.1871 Alfred Wickens b.1848 Rotherfield
Children of Jemima Styles and Alfred Wickens
i.Agnes Kate Wickens b.1878 Mayfield
ii.Albert Alfred Wickens b.1879 Burwash Sussex
Frances Jemima Wickens b.1880 Burwash

Albert Styles b.1847 (William.2,Henry.1) marr.1872 Esther Anna Kemp b.1850 Horsmonden Kent
Children of Albert Styles and Esther Anna Kemp
i.Minnie E.K.Styles b.1874 Hillenborough Kent
ii.Henry W.A.Styles b.1875 Mayfield Sussex
iii.Percy J.W.Styles b.1880 Ashburnham Sussex

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Wickenden Genealogy Report

Generation No.1

William Wickenden b.1805 Lamberhurst marr.Mary b.1807 Frant
Children of William Wickenden and Mary
i.Frances Wickenden b.1831 Rotherfield
ii.Harriet Wickenden b.1834 Rotherfield
iii.Elizabeth Wickenden b.1836 Rotherfield
iv.Jane Wickenden b.1840 Rotherfield marr.Nov22 1860 William Grinham b.1832
v.Emma Wickenden b.1842 Rotherfield d.Oct27 1915

Generation No.2

Frances Wickenden b.1831 (William.1) marr.Nov15 1857 Alfred Luck b.1829 F.William
Child of Frances Wickenden and Alfred Luck
i.Lucy E.Luck b.1871 East Peckham

Harriet Wickenden b.1834 (William.1)marr.Nov22 1853 Henry Fairbrother b.1830 F.James M.Ann Humphrey (FAIRBROTHER EXTRAS)

Elizabeth Wickenden b.1836 (William.1) marr.Dec25 1856 George Fairbrother b.1832 F.James M.Ann Humphrey(FAIRBROTHER EXTRAS)

Emma Wickenden b.1842(William.1) marr.1867 William Henry Benge b.1844 d.Mar16 1911
Children of Emma Wickenden and William Henry Benge
i.William Norton Benge b.1869 Wadhurst
ii.Alice Maud Benge b.1871 Wadhurst
iii.Lossie Benge 1873 Wadhurst
iv.Edward Benge b.1877 Wadhurst

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