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Thousands of hours of research into the ancestry of

T.W.J.Fletcher and G.C.M.Fletcher

                    in loving memory
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Ancestors // Family History

If you have come here to look for Royalty, Fame or Fortune, you are in the wrong place, move on.
If you are looking for real family, read on.
We are Terry and Gina Fletcher
Terry born in Crayford in 1943, Gina born in Notting Hill,London,her maiden name was Wilkie. We were married at St Mary's Church, Bexley, Kent, in 1966.
We have several Databases covering lots of names, details, dates, Births, Christenings, Marriages, Deaths, Census,Etc. Because these also include living family members who do not want their names disclosed, we cannot put the actual Databases on line.
Feel free to study our research names. If you think you may link to them, have anything to add (or where we may have gone wrong !), please contact us and include as many details as possible.
We are hoping that this might be used as an information exchange.
Some of these family names have further pages on this site,these are marked with a button.
Click the button or name for the corresponding page.

Mary Billings
click hereAmbrose..Kent
                                        click hereBarton..Kent,Norfolk & West London
click hereBeadle..Kent
click hereBenham..Kent
                 Billings or Billinge..London, Kent
    click hereBorthwick Scotland
                            click hereBotwright..Norfolk,Suffolk, W.London & Middsx
Coleshill..Essex & Kent
click hereDurrant..Kent, London & Essex
click hereFairbrother..Kent, Sussex & West London
click hereFaithfull..Acton, West London                                                
Caroline Ellen Fletcher
                   click hereFletcher..Kent & South London
          click hereGeorge..Middlesex & West London
         click hereGreen.West London & Acton
click hereHarris....Hadlow, Kent
click hereKillingback..Essex
click hereLangton..London
                   click hereMackrill..Kent,Norfolk
                             Mariner..West London & Middsx
                      click hereMay..West London & Middsx
                                click hereMoon..South London & Sussex
                                   click herePayne..London & Sussex
                             click herePeacock..Kent
Sarah Whitney
                              click herePlenderleith..Scotland & London
                           click herePocock..Kent
                    click hereQuin..Kent (Beckenham & Sydenham)
                 click hereRainbird...Essex
          click hereReynolds.Essex
          click hereScudder ..Kent,London,Essex
           click hereStevens...Sussex & Kent
          click hereStyles...Sussex & Kent
          click hereWalker ..London,Kent,Dorset,Scotland
                                                                            click hereWarnett .. Kent
                                                                                         click hereWilders ..Essex, Kent,
click hereWhitney..Essex & London                                                                                                           
click hereWickenden...Sussex & Kent                                                                                           
                           click hereWilkie, ..London, Middsx, Hants, Scotland.                                                                                      

Although these are our main interests and direct lines, there are other names, married to family members, that we have not yet put on seperate Databases. It is possible that we have some bits of information on these, or, maybe you have some information that you can share with us.........


Robert James Almond, Susannah Barber, Amelia Basham, Margaret Bignell, Fanny Crouch, Thomas Dipsell, George William Edwards, Thomas Hartley, Alfred Ernest Hickman, Elizabeth Holding, John Lawrence, Elizabeth Mitchell, Roy Bertie Moore, Thomas Goddard Murphy, Emily Parker, Emma Louisa Pennyfather, Patricia Pitford, Jane Emily Rashley, Sidney Victor Seal, Ernest Alfred Sly, James Bell Wallace, Mary Marshall Webb, Ernest W White, Mabel Gladys Louisa Wilson


John Thomas Appleton, Ivy Theresa Ball, William Bugg, Mary Ann Clarke, Elizabeth Coleshill, Bertrum Leahy De Grey, Frances Elizabeth Gorvin, Selina Hollingsworth, Ellen Jackson, Annie Lovage, Robert Scott, Charlotte Walker, John (Jack) Whittington, Annie Wooder, Florence Wooder


Owen Henry Axell, Charles Thomas Bartholomew, George Blackford, Charity Ann Callaway, Elizabeth Cane, Frank William Clarke, Mary Ann Corke, Mary Dart, Mary Ann Louisa Gardener, Mary Goddan, Harriet Julia Huggins, Ann Humphry, James Jarrett, Esther Anna Kemp, Thomas King, Elizabeth Susannah Lawrence, Philadelphia Manktelow, Hannah Humphrey Moore, George Parsons, Alice Elizabeth Patchett, Mary Pollington, Leah Henrietta Styles, William Styles, Ann Tapp, William Tester, Tom Tew, Samuel Vaughan, Frederick Ware, Elizabeth Wickenden, Harriet Wickenden John Henry Williams


Elizabeth Mary Annett, Amy Ashley, Mary Atkinson, Annie Austin, William Clyde Baird, Susannah Barnard, Kate Batchelor, James George Bathurst, Thomas Charles Berry,  Keturah Benham, Mary A. Billings, Mary Ann Birchall, Mary Brattle, Rosina Sarah Brattle, James Fishburn Brown, Amelia Burford, Joseph Cox, Alfred Davis, William Delly, Emma Jane Dyer, Sarah A.Earl, Charles Edward Eastmead, Hilda Mary Eisenhofer, Annie Filmer, Henry Eutychus Fisher, Elizabeth Fry, John Gardener, Jabez Garrett, William John Gillham, Samuel Gill, Frederick James Gillow, John Thomas Haffron, John Harfleet, Henrietta Harmer, Mary Harmer, Sarah Rebecca Harris, William George Hird,  Elizabeth Hughes, Edith Jarrett, Susannah Frances Jarrett, Ann Lawrence, Alice Emily Lowe, Clara A.Manser, Margaret Maslin, William Munn, Emma Nelson, Clara A Manser, Emily Meadhurst, Emma Nelson, John Henry Nicholson, Amelia Payne/Moon, Arthur Nathaniel Pearce, Ann Charity Powell, Caroline Elizabeth Prior, Thomas Rose, Mary Ann Shute, Sarah Ann Simmonds, Emma Elizabeth Smith, Isaac Still, Frederick Strange, Sarah Tassell/Hobart, Edith Emily Thorne, Richard William Thorpe, John Walder, Elizabeth Eliza Warby, Julia Ann Ward, Walter Arthur Webb, Charles Henry White, Edith Ann Wood, Reginald Francis Young,


Thomas Baker, Mary Chandler, Albert Clark, James Clark, Sarah Clark, Annie Elizabeth Easton, William Edwards, William Edward Evenden, William Everett, Mary A Foreman, Frederick William Gaved, Hannah Goss, Mary Ann Goss, Jane Harding, Caroline Maud Heaver, Charles Hill, Walter Henry Hollands, William Ernest Hollands, Frances Rebecca Holton, Mary Hooker, Mary Jane Howie, Alice Jeffrey, Louisa Meadows, William Medlen, Annie Metcalfe, Caroline Metcalfe, James George Miles, Edwin Adams Norton, Amelia Amy Palin, Enoch Perryman, William Peters, Ann Quin, Minnie Smith, Colin Campbell Turnbull, John Warnett, Henry Thomas White, Rebecca Wilson, William Wilson, Grace Adelaide Yarrow,


Ann Brown, Joseph Corbett, John Dougall, Margaret Dougall, Rosa Green, William Herbert Head, Mary Amelia Hodge, Jane Lucas, Sarah Jane Manton, Albert Menpes, James Mitchell, Sarah Sinclair, Janet Walker, Matida Mary Wilks, Jane Winchester


James Accleton, Emily Annie Baulk, Gus Leopold Diplock Bradley, Jane Evans, Emma Haysman, William Knapp, Henry Leach, Margaret McAllister, Rebecca Skinner, Rebekah Smith, Mary Ann Welch


William Edward Archer, John Aylett, Amelia Ann Bull, Elizabeth Ann Chambers, Susan Cook, William Doe, John Eve, Mary Fuller, Ann Guinan, Mary Ann Johnson, James Frederick Joyce, William Joyce, Herbert Charles Lodge, Lucy Luck, Harriet Mallett, Thomas Mead, William Walter Miles, Oscar Pears, James Pool, Sarah Porter, Lizzie Portway, Richard Portway, Henry Edward Rowlings, William Scott, Joseph Sewell, Sarah Ann Stock, Henry James Story, Joseph William Street, Sarah Thomason, Eliza Waterman, John Waterman, Mary Wood, William Young,


Emily Addis, Amelia Asham, Edith Mary Attwood, Emma Beadle, Ann Elizabeth Bines, Ann Jane Bird, Elizabeth Bishop, Ellen Hannah Bowling, Edward George Cable, Edward George Cable, Mary Ann Chapman, Susan(nah) Clifford, Mary Ann Cotgrove, Stephen Daniel Cotgrove, William Cotgrove, Esther Cremer, Mary Ann Crone,Louisa Cross,  Lucy Deadman, Robert William Deal, Eleanor Dobby, Mary Ann Frost/Eagleton, William Ellis, Seymour Emery, William Robert Emery, Eliza Foden, Emma Frost, Sarah Elizabeth Gilham, Mary Ann Gisby, Maria Goss, Mary A Groves, Julia Harfield, Emma Herbert, Maria Elizabeth Holman, Charles Houghton, Sarah Jeffries, Stephen Jeffries, Adelaide Johnson, Maria Jones, James Wilkinson Kerry, James George Laming, Sarah Ann Lee, Annie Emery Lester, Mary Ann Lilley, Pilcher Gilbert Love, Edward Norman Maunders, George Mead, Ebba Lucy Miller, William Mills, Joseph William Mundy, Frederick Munns, William Munns, Emma Osborne, William Osborne, William Henry Partridge, John Pinner, Annie Risby, Henry Sefton, Ellen Sims, Emma Simms, Emily Jane Souton, Walter Sydney Squires, Sarah Matilda Stacy, Sarah Staggs, George Edward Stone, Emma Thorn, Sarah Turner, Kate Louisa Webber, George Edward White, Rachel Emily Whitehead, Esther Hannah Whittington, Sarah Ann Wilkinson, Harriet F Willis, George Wooder


George Amos Bates, Ann Dean, Mary Jane Drain, Alphonso Le Roy Estes, Richard James Foord, Ann Gregory, James Heath, Bezdena Heron, Elizabeth Grace Hill, Frederick Hoff, Mary Ann Hunt, Josiah Jaques, Franklin Thomas Jones, Charles Kemmish, Esther Jane Keil, Thomas John Kent, Sarah Kent, William Miles, Harry Moody, John William Parrett, Edward William Reese, John Reese, Mary Stacy, Ann Taylor, Henry Robert Whitehart, Ann Whitehead


Emma Akhurst, Edward Aldis, John Amos, Isabella Anderson, Ann Sophia Andrews, Charlotte Andrews, William Archer, Zillah Archer, Frederick Charles Ayers, Robert Tom Bach, Richard Pigdon Barnes, Mary Rose Bartholomew, Thomas Beaumont, William Henry Benge,  Emma Jane Blake, Henry John Blomberg, Elizabeth Borthwick, Thomas Borthwick, Mary Ann Boswell, Elizabeth Bristow, Annie Brooks, Elizabeth Sarah Brooks, Joseph James Bryant, Thomas Busby, Isaac Buttle, Elizabeth Chandler, Eliza Chilvers, William Henry Christopher, Lilian Emily Clements, George Chaplin Clempson, Margaret Clinch, Harold Cockfield, Thomas Cockfield, Ellen Cole, Elizabeth Cook, Thomas Louis C Cooper, Joseph Corbett, Caroline Cracknell, Samuel Charles Crockford, Alice Crowe, Frances Caroline Rachel Currell, Emily Curling, Esther Dallaway, Anne Daniel, Alfred John Davies, Sarah Ann Develling, Henry Donohue, Agnes Douglass, Elizabeth Drury, William Edwards, John Ellard, Priscilla Ellis, Annie Ely, William Everett, Susan(nah) Farnden, Alice Maud Faulkner, Mary Ann Flatt, John Edward Fox, Jane Franklin, Ada Annie Freeman, Thomas Fuller, Charles Gepps, Annie Gilham, Henry Goatley, James Goldsmith, James Good, Henry Gorton, Louisa Gould, Richard Goulds, John Graham, Rebecca Graham, Elizabeth Greenbrook, Frances Eliza Griffin, Emily Griffiths, Ozwin Hall, Martha Halls, Arthur William Hamilton, Jane Harris, John Harris, Samuel Hassell, Margaret Elizabeth Hayes, Elizabeth Hine, Elizabeth Hook, Charles Arthur Haywood, Ann Hedgecock, Alfred Joseph Hersey, Charles William Hill, Elizabeth Dinah Hoadley, Hannah Hodges, Richard George Holland, Sarah Hollinshead, Henry Holmes, Eliza Holt, Richard Henry Holt, Mary Hooker, Sarah Horwood, Frederick Rogers Hoskins, Martha Ada Howell, Jane Hughs, William Huse, William Hutt, Sarah Ann Ingram, Ann Jackson, John James, Harriet Jarvis, Clara Jobson, Elizabeth Agnes Johnson, Alice Maud Jones, Ellen Sarah King, Eliza Jane King, William Charles Knight, George Lambarth, Daisy Camellia Lane, Charlotte Langley, Emma Leechfield, Elizabeth Lewiston, James Gleed Lipscombe, Alfred Lockey, Samuel Lockey, Jane Lucas, Fanny Alice Lukehurst, Mary Ann Mander, Emily Eliza Martin, Eleanor Mason, Teresa Ann Mason, George Meedes, William Meedes, Fanny Millard, Elizabeth Millbank, Lucy Millbank, Reuben Absolom Miller, Susan Monck, John Charles Moody, Charles Morris, Mary Nellums, Annie Newell, Olive Ann Norley, John Norman, Elizabeth Nye, Phillip Nye, Sarah Paisey, Matilda Palmer, William Paradine, Annie Elizabeth Parrick, Annie Caroline Parsons, Emma Elizabeth Partlett, Richard Patrick, Sarah Ann Payne, William George Payne, Portavina Isabel Peek, Martha Elizabeth Steele Penney, Francis Moritz Percy, Peter Pettit, Alice Ethel Pilling, Edith Elizabeth Pilling, Ellen Plumb, Elizabeth Esther Pollen, Eliza Prior, Hannah Maria Quelch, Mary Quelch, Jane Ann Ransom, Edward Raysdown,  Minnie Catherine Read, Emily Ricketts, Elizabeth Ridgewell, Mary Ridgewell, Florence Louisa Rochford, Mary Ann Rogers, Ann Rose, Benjamin William Sanders, Emily Grace Sanders, Selina Saville, William Farrow Sebborn, Lucy Sell,  Susannah Sharp, James Sheppherd, Henry Shirfield, William Thomas Short, Alfred Sibley, Agnes Smith, Elizabeth Dines Smith, Mary Elizabeth Smith, Mary Susannah M. Smith, Reuben Smith, Elizabeth Sowden, John Henry Sparks, Charlotte Alice Squire, Timothy Stock, Eliza Strange, Benjamin Tott, Keturah Town, Alfred Edward Turner, Jane Walker, Harriet Ann Ward, Julia Ann Ward, Lydia Warren, Jane Waterman, George John Watkins, James Williams, John Walter Wilmoth, Jesse William Wilson,  Jane Winchester, Ruth Winkworth, Rosa Charlotte Wisbey, James Witney, Julia Ann Wix, Selina Wright,  Maria Woods, Amos Young

Remember Me in your Family Tree
My Name, My Days, My Strife
Then I'll ride upon the wings of time
And live an endless life

Gina and Terrys Wedding

Gina and Terrys Wedding, January 1966 at St. Marys Church Bexley, Kent. The same Church where 121 years earlier, February 1845, Joseph Durrant married Elizabeth Colesill.(Terrys Great, Great Grandparents.)

We would like to say thanks to our son Jim, without whose constant help and web knowledge, none of this would have been possible.
Thank you also to some distant cousins for info that they have contributed,
Maureen Nicholls,
George Whitehead,
Judy Hassall,
Keith Pearce,
Colin Barton,
Alan Botwright


Last Updated February 2021

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